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by Tushar Kumar on Dec 07, 2022

MI fashion Lipsticks

I have experimented more with lipstick and lip tint in the last few months. It’s very hard to find What’s your perfect true match of lip shadeLipstick is essential for completing your look.

Without Lipstick we can’t think about how to finish the makeup. But do you know what is your true shade, have you ever thought about it? I am always struggling with that and according to the experiments 92% of the population doesn’t know their perfect shades according to the skin tone.

For Pale Skin tone

Red Print 

Red is perfect match for the fair skin, pale skin with red lips is like the match is come from straight out of the heaven. Loveable balance of the bold color with pale skin here is some red colors goes perfect with pale skin. 

MI Fashion present some red shades for you

– LIQUID MATTE – Shade no. 07, Eagle red 

– CREME MATTE – Shade no. 09, Crime red 

Peachy Pink

Peach and pink shades are one of the trendiest colors during the summer it’s gives you the bubble look and Poppin your lips with amazing tint.

MI Fashion present some Peachy & Pink shades for you in 

– LIQUID MATTE – Shade no. 03, Peach

                              Shade no. 04, Orange Pulp

– CREME MATTE – Shade no. 14, Rose Pink

                             Shade no. 23 Pouty Pink

For Dusky Skin Tone 

Mauve Nudes 

Indian skin tones are mainly in dusky color, this skin tone is perfect skin tone. Mauve and nudes shades are mesmerizing on dusky skin tone. If you have the sexy dusky tone that you should try it ladies.

MI Fashion present some Mauve Nudes 

 shades for you.

– LIQUID MATTE –    Shade no. 12, Nude

                                   Shade no. 09, Deep Violet 

                                   Shade no. 08, Light

– CREME MATTE –    Shade no. 25, Nude Tude 

                                   Shade no. 22, Mauve 

For Dark Skin

Get Deep Desire  

It’s very complex when it comes to the dark skin tone, they are struggling more than other people. It’s hard to find a shade to complement their skin tone. Brown and deep shades of lipsticks.

MI Fashion present some Deep Desire  shades for you.

– LIQUID MATTE –   Shade no.11,Coast Brown

                                  Shade no.16,Together Red

                                  Shade no.18,Dark Brown

– CREME MATTE –   Shade no.19,Brown Raisin 


  Here is the perfect match for you ladies.

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