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by Tushar Kumar on Sep 07, 2022

MI fashion Nail Polish

Having well-manicured nails can do wonders for your overall appearance and self-confidence. Whether you prefer a natural, polished look or something more extravagant and artistic, there are endless options for achieving stylish and beautiful nails.

Overall, stylish and beautiful nails are all about personal preference and what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Try our MI Fashion Shine nail polish shades, finishes, and nail art techniques to find your perfect look. And remember to always prioritize the health of your nails for the best results.

Stylish and Beautiful nails are trendy, super classy and elegant to funky illustration. If you talk about the nail art idea there are countless designs available in the market but stylish and beautiful nails are still the spotlight of 2023. If your hands look good you feel confident in yourself. Everyone wants stunning nails right! How to choose your form of nail art these winters and highlight your nails. 

Let’s explore the nail art style of Stylish & Beautiful Nails.

Rainbow Stripes

Rainbow bright stripes are trending, colorful bright neon stripes give you the funkiest nails ever. 

Graphic Sparkle

Graphic sparkle shape design on the top of the neutral base color gives you the perfect elegant nails.

Colorful Tips

Colorful French tips are the top listed style in the nail art industry. Nude base with colorful tips is the perfect match.

Swirls Are on Wheels

Groovy swirls designs are the most trending style in 2023. Pick any two shades of color and make swirls on the base coat just to level up your hand’s beauty.

Graphic Box Is All You Need

Creating a box with fine lines of nail polish on your nails and creating a negative space are the coolest art forms.

Velvet Tips

It took Instagram by the storm. Stunning mesmerizing style most likable by the people.


We love mesmerizing nail design. This season the most wearable colors are forest green, olive green, beige, classic navy, red and chocolate brown.

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