Cancellation before shipment:

Only those orders / items that have not been shipped can be cancelled online or through the Helpdesk reachable at: +91-11-41418349. In case of Cancellation of Order/ Item the money paid by the customer shall be refunded to the same.

Cancellation post shipment:

In case the Customer wishes to cancel an Order that has already been shipped but is yet to be delivered, the same may contact the Helpdesk at: +91-11-41418349 and not accept the delivery of the order. Once the order is received back by the company, the same shall refund the money paid as per the Refund policy included below.

Return Policy

We are committed towards providing you the best shopping experience at MI Fashion.

In case you need to return the shipment, please get in touch with our helpdesk at +91-11-41418349 or write to us at within 2 days of the Order/ Item being delivered. Post lapse of the two-day period, the Items / Order may be ship the products to following address within 7 days of the Order/ Item being delivered:

Once Order is shipped from our end then order is not eligible for cancellation.

Only Orders / Items still in their original packaging with their seals, labels and barcodes etc. intact would be deemed to be valid and eligible for return/ refund.

The Products / Items shipped from our end go through a rigorous quality check processes before being dispatched for delivery, however, in rare cases, the products might get damaged during shipment. We provide free returns if you have received damaged or incorrect products.

In case the customer prefers to return the Products/ Items after receiving the products without any notable problems with the product the same may do so.

Refund amount would be refund only upon the company duly receiving back the Order/ Item and verifying the same to its satisfaction.

Refund Policy

Amounts received via credit card / debit card or net banking, shall be refunded as per procedure to the same account.

Discount vouchers are for one time use only and shall be treated as utilized even if the order the same were utilized upon is canceled.

Influencers Collaboration
Portrait and Landscape

Shoot in Portrait

If you're creating video content for social media, it's important to keep in mind that portrait mode is becoming increasingly popular. While landscape mode used to be the standard for video content, more and more people are viewing content on their mobile devices, which are held vertically.

Collaboration Process to Follow

Read carefully and follow all these steps.

  1. Fill the form
  2. Profile will shortlisted (Our team will contact you after shortlisted)
  3. Product will dispatch in 1-2 days
  4. Product delivery 4-5 days
  5. Deliverables have to submit within a week.
*Product Code is mandatory to fill in the form.
  • After receiving the product mention us on story within 1-2 days.
  • Upload a post and tag us and upload story.
  • Write a review on Google Profile (Take Screenshot)
  • 2 Reel (1 Reel upload by you and tag us)
  • Send your second reel + Post + Review Screenshot on this Mail Id:
Note:- Your content will feature on our social handles within 2 months, So keep patience!
Collaboration Process
Do's and Don'ts


1. It's a barter collaboration. So, you'll get MI Fashion's product in the exchange of your creative content.
2. Make a creative, engaging high quality content for more engagement.
3. Shoot your content with the Back Camera for better output (For Smartphones Users).
4. Deliverables have to deliver before the deadlines.
5. Product branding should clearly visible.


1. Don't shoot your content with front camera.
2. Company's Logo have to be shown in "MI" not in "IM".
3. Make sure that video don's have any kind of watermark.

Most Asked Questions

Q : Is this a paid collaboration?
A : No, this collaboration is a barter collaboration in which you'll get MI Fashion's Amazing products in the exchange of your creative content.

Q : How can we track our order??
A : We'll provide a URL, so you can easily track your order.

Q : How can we select the product?
A : We'll provide a product code with the collaboration invitation. Which is mandatory to fill in the form.

Q : Can we select the shades of the products?
A : No, Our team will pick the best selling products for you to make content on it.

Q : How do we get the products?
A : After getting the details of the creator, we'll dispatch the products. Estimate time to deliver the product is 4-5 days.

Q : How can we send our deliverables to you?
A : You can easily send your deliverables to us on this mail id ""

Q : What is the deadline to submit the deliverables?
A : Deadline is 1 week after receiving the products.


Note :-

*While editing your content make sure that there is no any kind of watermark in reel.
* Make sure that the logo of MI Fashion is in this form "MI".

Interested Creators Please fill this form

Reference Video For Influencers