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by Tushar Kumar on Nov 02, 2021

How to apply eyeliner like professionals

How To Make a perfect cat eye just in 4 simple way :

Step 1 :- Prepare Your Eye For The Cat Eye.

The very first step is to clean your eye. clean it with cleanser, toner, and moisturize it. Also do some makeup like conceal to hide the bad dark circles. fill in your brows if you do or apply a light shimmering eye shadow all over your lid and brow bone. Also make sure to use MI Fashion perfect eyeliner if you want a perfect Cat eye.

Step 2 :- A Right Angle To Start Drawing The Cat Eye.

Start with the outlining the top lash line. Cover the space situated between your lashes, too move from the inner to the outer eye corner. In simple word make a Line across the lid. Make sure that your angle is perfect to draw these lines. Do it slowly, don’t move your hand. If your hand hurts then take a break and do it again.

Step 3 :- Connect The Ends.

Now its time to make a Wing from the outer side, started drawing a little wing then, spread the line upward letting the below lash line curve be your guide. Make sure to check it once you make. Now connect the wing to the point where your iris ends, make sure that it will make a isosceles triangle.

Step 4 :- Double Coat.

To make it look more stunning add an another coat. It will give you a perfect Cat eye which you are looking for.

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